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About West Coast Metal Recycling

We are a 100% Canadian, locally owned and operated metal recycling facility that specializes in industrial, commercial and corporate accounts but also provides that personalized service to residential customers. We are constantly investing in our company and use state of the art scrap & logistics software as well as processing with the newest and most efficient machinery and equipment on the market.

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West Coast Metal Recycling

Although this has become one of the most popular scrap metal operating systems worldwide, did you know that West Coast Metal Recycling was the first yard in Western Canada to implement this software? This operating system has endless capabilities and allows us to record, track, & report all aspects of our daily operations.


West Coast Metal Recycling

Again, this software has become very popular in our industry and again, West Coast Metal Recycling was the first in British Columbia to incorporate it into our operations. The system is cloud based and is directly linked to our drivers cell phones. It allows our dispatch team to rapidly respond to customer requests, upload real time info to our drivers, track our trucks via cellphone GPS and track all our bins (all 850 of them !).


West Coast Metal Recycling

This is not something you normally see at recycling centers due to the massive cost of installing. We chose to do this for 2 reasons. 1) It allows us to keep the yard clean and organized for our customers as our Bobcats can easily run the sweeping unit through multiple times per day (try doing that in a dirt yard!) 2) It allowed us to grade the yard and control the runoff from our scrap steel piles to ensure there is no penetration of any liquids into the soil or water table. 100% of run off is captured and run through an oil separation system to ensure that oils, coolants and lubricants have been removed before any liquid leaves our yard.


West Coast Metal Recycling

Actually it is 52,000 square feet but you get the idea. Our non-ferrous customers are provided with indoor parking while they unload their materials. Comes in pretty handy during the 8 months of rain we get here on the “Wet Coast" 


Again, West Coast Metals is leading the way by adopting the newest and most efficient technology. We switched our trucks and bins over to hook-lift service vs cable hoist almost 10 years ago now. This allows our drivers to stay safely in their cabs while picking up bins and improves their turn around time as they do not have to get in and out of their truck to hook and unhook cables.


West Coast Metal Recycling is again the first yard on the West Coast to adopt this system. This is a specialized hydraulic quick connect that allows our material handler to switch between implements.

So instead of having a material handler for each piece of equipment, we chose to have one handler that can operate all our pieces of equipment.

Company History

Originally established as R & P Metals in 1966, the company underwent a change of ownership in July of 2002, at which point it adopted the DBA (doing business as) name of West Coast Metal Recycling to better reflect the core of its business. We then added LLP to our full operating name in 2007 as part of a corporate restructuring plan and have been West Coast Metal Recycling LLP ever since. Over the past 50 years, we have grown from our humble beginnings in a barn on Mufford Crescent to our present 3.2 acre site with 52,000 square feet of covered area. We are the largest metal recycler located in Langley, BC and service all surrounding areas with our fleet of trucks and bins.

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