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The Place to Buy & Sell Scrap Metal in Langley, British Columbia

Have metals that you’d like to exchange for cash? Are you looking to buy scrap metals? West Coast Metal Recycling offers fast, dependable buying and selling services. Through our drop-off and pickup services, we gather materials from across the Lower Mainland — everywhere from Agassiz to North Shore!


Sell Scrap Metal

If you have metals to be recycled, they can be delivered directly to our easily accessible location in Langley, British Columbia. We also offer pickup services throughout our service area (with a minimum quantity). We have 10,000- and 100,000-pound government-certified scales to quickly and accurately weigh your materials.

There is no minimum quantity to the amount of non-ferrous (non-magnetic) metals we purchase, although, there is a 500-pound minimum when it comes to selling ferrous (magnetic) metals. Visit our Accepted Materials sections for additional details about the types of materials we purchase.


Buy Scrap Metal

As exports are our specialty, West Coast Metal Recycling offers global product sales. FAS, FOB and CNF services are available to any loading dock or port in the world. Every year, we ship out anywhere from 700 to 1,000 ocean containers of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Some of our most regular customers are those in faraway places, such as China, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand. Whether by truck, rail or shipping vessel, we can get you the products you need!

We offer direct product sales to the public on items such as aluminum, stainless plates, angles, tubing, electrical wire and other items.

Resale Items

West Coast Metal Recycling has steel, aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel and other types of metals available for resale. These come in a variety of forms. We also have a constant supply of “unique” items. Follow us on Twitter to receive instant notifications of items when they become available for sale, or check out our Craigslist postings. Items come and go quickly, so don’t hesitate!

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