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Drop-Off Services

This is where West Coast Metal Recycling really shines! We have 52,000 square feet of covered area to provide our non-ferrous customers with dry unloading of their materials. (Try and find that someplace else) 

We haven’t forgotten our ferrous customers, and although we can’t offer them indoor unloading, we have invested heavily in this very important part of our business. From the moment you pull into our yard, it is a straight drive onto our 80 foot long, 100,000 lb capacity scale that can weigh a full B-Train. Vehicles then proceed into our clean, organized and 100% paved yard where they quickly and easily dump material or if you ask, one of our experienced operators can help you unload with any one of our many pieces of equipment. Once empty, you proceed out our exit and back to our scale to be weighed out. We designed our yard to be free flowing so that all traffic travels in one direction and allows our customers to be weighed in, dump, weigh out and be paid all within 5 minutes of arriving. Your time and equipment is valuable and the last thing you want is to be tied up in our yard waiting to unload.

Once your materials have been dropped off and weighed, you can simply proceed to our ATM for your payment

it’s that easy!

Pickup Services

“Service” is the key word here. Customer service is our number one priority and we have dedicated a great amount of time and resources to ensure you agree! 

Our rapid service ensures that our trucks respond to your request as fast as possible. Usually we are able to offer same day pickup for calls made before noon or next day for later calls. Compare that to service times that range from 3-7 days from other recyclers. Our fleet of hook-lift trucks and inventory of over 850 bins, ensure we have the equipment available at all times to provide you with the fast service our customers have become used to. (Our bin program is available to customers with minimum quantities and service intervals)

Although we specialize in industrial, corporate and commercial accounts, we also provide the same level of service to our one time residential and farm customers and can tailor a pickup solution to whatever your needs may be. (Minimum quantities required)

Heavy duty Cranes

Heavy Haul & Crane Services

As well as our fleet of hook lift trucks that can rapidly switch from roll off to flatdecks to service our customers, we can also provide Low bed, Step deck, B-Train, Intermodal and Dry Van service as well as Hiab & crane service for big or small items. Give us a call and we will work with you to find a solution to moving your material

crane picking up scrap metal

Guaranteed Destruction Service

Having our focus on industrial, corporate and commercial accounts, we understand that some material we receive for recycling is sometimes sensitive, proprietary or in the R & D stage and needs to be treated a little different than our regular metal recycling. When requested, we provide “Guaranteed Destruction” services which will have our operators pay special attention to items to ensure they are destroyed prior to leaving our facility. We can also provide a signed “letter of destruction” and digital photos for whatever records may be required.

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