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accepted materials

Alphabetical list of accepted materials

#1 Bright and Shiny Copper

#1 Burnt Copper

#1 Candy Copper

#1 Insulated Wire

#2 Copper

#2 Insulated Wire

#3 Insulated Wire

90% Aluminum

ACSR (Aluminum Wire)

Aluminum Shavings

Aluminum Vehicle Rims


Brake Pods

Brass Shavings

BX Cable

Cast Aluminum

Cast Iron

Catalytic Converters

Coax Cable

Copper-Aluminum Fin Radiators

Copper and Brass Radiators

Copper Tech Cable

Copper Transformers

Dirty Aluminum 50%

EC (Electrical Conductor) Aluminum Wire

Electric Motors

Extruded Aluminum 6063

Heavy Melt


Lead-Acid Batteries

New Aluminum

PC Boards

Red Brass

Sealed Units

Stainless Steel 304

Stainless Steel Shavings

Steel Skeletons

Steel Turnings

Thermo-Break Aluminum


Truck Rims

Vehicle AC Compressors

Vehicle Alternators

Vehicle Starters

Vehicle Transmissions (Aluminum Case)

Yellow Brass


visual guide

Check out our visual guide of accepted metals and materials.

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