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Welcome to Our Video Gallery!

Check out the latest goings-on at West Coast Metal Recycling by viewing our YouTube video uploads! If you have a drop-off or would like to request a pickup, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy the show!

Meet the Team of West Coast Metal Recycling

Check out this introductory video of our 100% Canadian-owned and operated metal recycling facility.

How West Coast Metal Recycling Puts Up Christmas Light

Using a Liebherr 924 material handler and LaBounty® 1500R shear is the way to go when stringing Christmas lights on our facility’s 40-foot tree.

Loading Steel for an Export to Taiwan

In this video, a team of bobcats is leading a 40-foot ocean container with heavy melt steel (HMS) for an export to Taiwan.

The Biggest “Can Opener” on the West Coast

Here, we use a truck-mounted LaBounty® shear to open a damaged ocean container.

The Biggest “Can Opener” on the West Coast

Let’s take another look at that from a different angle!

More from Our LaBounty® Hydraulic Sheer

See how we use our LaBounty® 2000R hydraulic shear to cut an 18” I-beam with 1/2” thickness.

Adding Safety Netting to a Truck

In this video, we add a layer of roll-on safety netting to ensure metal contents remain in the trailer during transport.

Using a Liebherr LIKUFIX

We make light work of loading this trailer by using our Liebherr 924 and LIKUFIX attachment.

Using a hook truck

Again, West Coast Metals is leading the way by adopting the newest and most efficient technology. We switched our trucks and bins over to hook-lift service vs cable hoist almost 10 years ago now.

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